How Savemore.Money Works

Savemore.Money is a price comparison site, with a unique offering. We are different.

Same same but different!

Yes we are a price comparison site, but before you yawn off, hear us out! Unlike other price comparison sites that fetch prices from online stores, we fetch prices from the offline market. That’s the real actual market and grocery outlets that you frequent and shop.

A vast majority of the products sold in the different grocery outlets are¬†the same. Unless you are going to the premium and upmarket grocery outlets that niche in imported goods and other premium products. Consider the instant noodle, drinks, biscuits, snacks, canned food. Haven’t you seen them at just about anywhere? The only difference is the price tag. The prices of the goods sold in the grocery places are less transparent, in the sense that you usually don’t know what price the other outlet is selling for the same product (with the exception of moms who always seem to know). So how then do you know if your favourite grocery place is living up to their slogan and offer you the cheapest prices always? One way is to ask mom. Or you can do the price surveying on your own. Or you can make use of this site. Ain’t that cool?

It’s simple.

Step 1

Using this site cannot be any simpler. Search for that product that you are interested in on our catalogue page. You can search by name, or view the product categories. The search interface is simple and intuitive.


Step 2

Check out the current prices of the product that you have searched. You may see multiple prices offered by the different outlets, and they are arranged from the lowest to highest price. There are also annotation to the type of the price (regular or special offer price) along with the conditions of the price (for instance, some prices are for members only). The date when the prices are updated is also displayed for relevance check.

Step 3

So now that you know where you can get the product for the cheapest price, offering the best bargain for you. Go on and save more money!


Price is only one of the factors in deciding your purchase, albeit it usually the most important factor (in this economic climate). You may need to consider other factors such as the locality, proximity, prices of other products that you want to buy together, loyalty program and etc. There is no one grocery outlet that offers everything at the cheapest price in town. This is how they make up the profits in certain goods that they are selling at bargain.

The prices that are displayed on this website may not be reflective of the real time prices (although we are striving for this), they provide a snapshot of the prices and good indication of the outlet the typically offers the cheapest price for the particular product or category. If you do find any discrepancy, we welcome your feedback!

Be a smart consumer and save more money today!