Cheapest Baby Diapers in Kuching

They say raising a child costs between RM 400k to RM 1.1m. Now that is some daunting amount of money, but it does feel like…somewhat right. But of course most of the expenses are really up to the parents’ choices. When you want the best for your child, there’s a price for that.

Acknowledging that raising a child is expensive, and with the cost of living ever escalating, we aim to identify areas where you can save more money. The extra cash could be better spent elsewhere.

This month we zoom down on one category of consumables for the babies – disposable diapers. Although this does not seem to cost much when compared to baby food, healthcare expenses and education, it is one of the items that parents have to keep buying almost every other week, asking “I thought I just bought it” every time. And you will just do it and not settled for the alternative of using cloth diapers – all the chores and efforts! There are essentially that same eight to ten brands of diapers in the market, sold at different grocery outlets or supermarkets. Yet the prices vary and for some, the differences could be significant. How do you know if your favorite supermarket is offering the cheapest price for you, living up to its slogan?

As how this site works, we compare the same prices of the same product, apple to apple, in bid to identify where you can get it cheaper, thus save more money. Every cents count.


So where is cheaper?

We have fetched the prices for the popular brands of diapers from most of the popular supermarkets in Kuching, and done up a simple comparison chart as below.

BrandPriceOutletOutlets compared
Diapex Easy Wonder Tape34.50Servay2
Dry Plus25.90Forda2
Drypers Classic28.90Unaco4
Drypers Classic Pantz28.90Forda3
Drypers Drynight Jumbo24.90Teck Kong5
Drypers Wee Wee Dry Jumbo28.90Forda3
Drypers Wee Wee Dry Mega34.90Everrise5
Huggies Dry Diapers29.99Golden Dragon City5
Huggies Dry Pants29.90Teck Kong7
Huggies Ultra Diapers30.60Unaco2
Huggies Ultra Hug Flex32.90Teck Kong5
Mamypoko Extra Dry30.50Unaco6
Mamypoko Maxi Absorb27.90H&L3
Mamypoko Pants Standard28.90Unaco6
PetPet DayPants Jumbo24.90Golden Dragon City5
PetPet Mega Pack33.90Teck Kong5

The prices here are the regular prices in March 2017, not the time limited offer price or member price. This removes comparison to prices that are temporary in nature. The prices are dynamic and could change without notice, as such this chart is for reference only. However it provides a good snapshot of the outlets that normally offer baby diapers at a bargain. Of course, you can always search for the product on our site and look for any special offer price. Check our catalogue!


Which brand offers the cheapest diaper?

Now if you are not particular about the brand of the diapers, the table below could be useful for you to look for diapers that are the cheapest among the different brands in the market. We have compared in particular the M size diapers across the brands, just to see who offers the lowest price. Bear in mind there could be quality difference between the brands and you would still need to consider factors such as the compatibility to your baby’s skin, the baby’s activity, skin sensitivity, time duration and usage etc.

NameSizeUnitUnit Cost
Huggies Dry PantsM70+6760.393
Huggies Dry DiapersM76760.395
Drypers ClassicM72720.401
Huggies Dry Diapers Twin PackM721440.416
Diapex Easy Wonder TapeM78780.422
Mamypoko Pants StandardM60+6660.438
PetPet Mega PackM76760.446
Diapex Wonder Pant SJPM64640.453
Huggies Dry Pants Twin PackM601200.458
PetPet DayPants JumboM54540.461
Drypers Wee Wee Dry MegaM74740.472
PetPet Mega Pack FOC 8sM76+8840.472
Huggies Dry DiapersM72720.485
Diapex Easy Wonder TapeM70700.493
Drypers Classic PantzM58580.498
Huggies Dry PantsM60600.498
Huggies Ultra DiapersM60600.510
Kiddo ValueM22220.541
Diapex Wonder PantM44440.545
Mamypoko Pants StandardM40+6460.550
Drypers DryPantzM60600.567
Goo.n Excellent Dry TapeM66660.571
Mamypoko Maxi AbsorbM46460.607
Drypers Drynight JumboM40400.623
Goo.n Excellent Soft PantsM60600.628
Drypers Wee Wee Dry JumboM52520.666
Drypers ClassicM22220.677
PetPet Night Tape MegaM60600.682
Mamypoko Extra DryM38380.803
Huggies Ultra Hug FlexM40400.823
Drypers TouchM40400.873
Diapex PremiumM38380.876
Merries TapeM64640.977
Merries TapeM22221.086
Merries PantsM33331.270


Lastly, here are some interesting observation about baby diapers:

  • The price for S, M, L, XL and XXL are the same for most. The only difference is the number of diapers in that pack. Fret not, we have the unit price (the price per diaper) that can help you make better decisions.
  • The price for newborn (NB) diapers are generally more expensive than the next size.
  • Not many places sell twin pack, and this is generally the bundle that gives most savings!


That’s all for now!

Stay tuned for our next feature!

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This is not a full scale market research and should not be regarded as one. This is a simple price surveying exercise to identify the possible outlets that offer the products cheapest. All prices and information on this website are correct and verified at the time of upload. Nonetheless the information are subject to change without prior notice by the respective outlets and retailers. While we endeavour to present the latest information, we do not guarantee that the prices are real time or reflective of the prices at the outlets. The prices and information on this website are indicative only. Any inaccuracy is unintentional and much regretted.

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